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STAMEQ held meeting reviewing the work in 2015 and outlining the tasks for 2016

On January 8, 2016, the Directorate for Standards Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ) held a meeting to review the work in 2015 and outline the tasks for 2016.

Regarding the formulation of legal documents: in 2015, STAMEQ has taken the main responsibility for the drafting and proposal of issuing 02 new Circulars; coordinated with other branches and Ministries building a number of legal documents on standards metrology and quality (SMQ); gave comments to hundreds of legal documents developed by other branches and Ministries.

Regarding standard and technical regulation related activities: in 2015, the plan for the development of TCVN was improved. The plan was proposed to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for approval 3 months earlier in comparison with the previous years. This created a favorable condition for organizing guidance for Ministries and branches in the implementation and development of TCVNs on specialized fields.

Establishing and strengthening 17 new TCVN technical committees and subcommittees; giving comments to more than 800 TCVN drafts, and more than 80 QCVN drafts; receiving and verifying the dossiers of more than 1000 TCVN drafts submitted to the MOST for announcing; receiving and verifying 71 QCVNs developed by Ministries and branches; commenting and voting for 170 IEC and ISO drafts.

Regarding the activities on metrology: State management over measurement has drawn a lot of attention and achieved many positive results. Legal and technical document system on metrology supplemented and improved forming a basis for the effectiveness improvement in the state management over metrology.

Minister Nguyen Quan stating at the Meeting

Regarding the quality management activities: In 2015, STAMEQ continued to focus on guiding the ministries, branches, SMQ departments, organizations, businesses and individuals to fully implement the provisions of the Law on products and goods quality and sub-law documents, and provided timely resolutions for problems identified during the implementation and deployment process related to the assessment of conformity and quality control of products and goods, especially the category 2 products and goods under the management of MOST.

Regarding state inspection of goods and products quality: proactively deployed the state inspection procedure for the quality of imported products; effectively coordinated with the General department of Vietnam customs to make sure that the participation of the MOST in the national single window meets the content and progress of the requested by the Prime Minister.

Conformity assessment management, implementation of ISO 9001 in the administrative offices, bar coding activities, National Quality Award activities, and activities regarding inspection and verification, communication, international cooperation, TBT, personnel arrangement and financial plans are performing well according to plan.

 STAMEQ's Deupty Director General Nguyen Nam Hai delivering report at the Meeting

Regarding service activities: SMQ service activities such as inspection, certification, testing, calibration, training, ... performed by the business units under STAMEQ in 2015 have timely responded to the requirements of the State management agencies, well served the state management in the field of SMQ, brought about benefit for organizations and businesses, contributed to economic-social development. The business revenue in 2015 reached more than 640 billion VND which is 10% higher than the plan and 4% higher than the same period. Contributed 81.9 billion VND to the budget.

Some key tasks in 2016:

- Amending Decree No.127 providing guidance for the implementation of the Law on Standards and Technical Regulations; Implementing the TCVN development plan until 2020; Proposing the plan for the development of key TCVN groups critical to the management requirements, consistent with the needs of society and international trends; Improving bar coding activities towards the aims of developing utility services to keep pace with the international development trend.

- Developing a decree on the business of measuring devices and measurement standards inspection, calibration and testing services; well implementing Circular No.15/2015/TT-BKHCN on metrology and quality standards in petroleum trading operations; promoting specialized inspection activities in the field of metrology to promptly stop metrology-related fraud activities in trade; providing guidance on the implementation quantitative mark certification for SMQ departments.

- Amending Decree No.132 and Decree No.89 guiding the implementation of the Law on Products and Goods Quality; well performing the tasks specified in the National program on improving productivity and quality of products of Vietnamese enterprises in 2016 and in the period from 2016 to 2020

- Actively promoting the international cooperation activities, utilizing the supportive resources of the projects from Japan, South Korea.

- Boosting the warning activities and providing recommendation to the Ministries and branches on the development of defensive measures relating to technical barriers to trade (TBT) to support businesses in the international integration process; monitoring and promoting the implementation of the TBT obligations in the process of implementing the free trade agreement (TPP, VN-EU FTA, etc).

Speaking at the meeting, leader of MOST recognized and praised the achievements that STAMEQ had achieved in 2015. He also emphasized that STAMEQ should clarify the characteristic of the 2016-2020 period and its impacts to the implementation of SMQ activities. General Notes make clearer the peculiarities of the period 2016-2020 and its implications for operational deployment of Standards, Metrology and Quality Control (TDC). During the 2016-2020 integration period, it is necessary to pay great attention to issues like boosting and shortening the clearance time, raising the awareness of businesses on SMQ with the help of communication channels.

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